Liberec City Webcam

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Liberec City Webcam

Liberec is a city in northern Czechia with more than a few unusual buildings that’s surrounded by incredible mountain landscapes. With this Liberec live feed you get to see both the city and the countryside if you stay with it long enough.

Liberec’s cityscape is a pleasant combination of old and new architecture which includes several very eye-catching structures. The reason they’re eye-catching isn’t because they have an outstanding or unusual design, but more down to the fact they’ve been painted bright yellow. Undeniably the best views on this cam are of the Jizera Mountains and the pine forests that reach right down to the city’s urban limit. By the way, if the image starts shaking while you’re watching, don’t worry. The city isn’t in the throes of an earthquake. It’s just a bit of webcam wobble.

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