Jaworzno Market Square Webcam

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Jaworzno Market Square Webcam

If there’s anything happening in the city of Jaworzno in southeast Poland, it’ll probably be happening in the market square. While it might not be at the very heart of the city, it’s where people like to gather – especially at weekends or when there’s an event being held there.

While there’s no denying the market square is an attractive one, as far as market squares go, it’s not as attractive as some other parts of the city which are full of nature reserves and protected areas. No, you can’t see them or the city’s beautiful artificial lake on this feed, but believe it, they are there – somewhere. Until someone obliges and focuses a cam on Jaworzno’s more scenic attributes, you’ll just have to make do with this view of grey paving, grey concrete and a singular, but very pretty tree.

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