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Hessdalen Valley
The Hessdalen valley is famous for its mysterious lights showing up now and then. See if this unknown light shows up while you are looking.

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Hessdalen Valley
Updated on Camscape: 3 hours ago
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3 hours agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: Norway Webcams |
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Comments 1 to 3 (of 3)
c tn
2014-09-15, 09:51
Observed a strange light, cam 3, time on clock - 2014-09-15; 11:30:28:00 and still there at 11:42:00. It was 3/4s up the photo and about 1/8 from the right edge of the border. Sunlight was coming in from the left and very bright. Can\'t be a star, as it was a bright morning. Would someone care to verify by looking at the recorded footages?
c tn
2014-08-15, 03:22
Why would ETs, coming from so far away, and expending so much time and energy be just content with moving around our skies, year after year without seeming to be doing anything else? It\'s been decades since such points of light and \"UFOs\" have been seen, all over the world, and in very few cases did they seem to do anything other than just flying around. Rather pointless, isn\'t it? Be glad to hear someone\'s opinion on this.
2013-02-03, 18:13
quando andrò a capo nord, passerò sicuramente a vedere il fenomeno.
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