Måløy City Views

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Måløy City Views

With this webcam take a leisurely trip along the Nordfjorden to the Norwegian island of Vågsøy and the picturesque port town of Måløy. It’s a sedate tour so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Måløy is connected to the Norwegian mainland by a four-thousand foot long cantilever bridge that, once you’ve seen it on the feed, doesn’t look anywhere near sturdy enough to carry the amount of traffic it does. The bridge was built to last though and can withstand winds up to 170mph which is a bonus as there are frequent gale force ones blowing down the fjord.

No, you won’t be seeing any vehicles getting blown off the bridge. When wind speeds reach dangerous levels the bridge is closed. That’s when the residents of Måløy hunker down in their cars with a thermos of coffee and some reindeer jerky to snack on until the storm passes.

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