Hammerfest Harbour Webcam

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Hammerfest Harbour Webcam

If you dropped by to take a look at this webcam thinking you might get to see muscly athletes throwing hammers eighty metres across a grassy sports field, it’s not going to happen. This might be Norway, but Thor and his mighty hammer won’t be putting in an appearance either. It’s not that sort of hammerfest.

Hammerfest is a relatively small Norwegian city, but one that has two claims to fame. The first – Hammerfest is the closest urbanisation to the North Pole. Although, that said, the neighbouring city of Honningsv√•g also lays claim to being the closest city to the North Pole. There’s nothing quite like geographical disputes for bringing communities together.

Hammerfest’s other claim to fame is that it’s the best place to go to see the Northern Lights. Hammerfest is located directly beneath what is known as the Northern Lights oval and so experiences some of the best displays the aurora borealis can produce. While the view on this webcam is prettily scenic all of the time, click in to view from November through to March and it’ll be nothing less than spectacular.

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