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Nevada City Webcam
Nevada City in Northern California's Sierra Mountains in the Gold Country.

Webcam Views: 8770 | Ratings: 11 | Go To Cam Source »
Nevada City Webcam
Updated on Camscape: 3 hours ago
Web Cam is live at:
3 hours agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: California Webcams |
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7 hours ago
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Comments 1 to 10 (of 10)
Thomas B
2014-10-23, 02:21
So, is there a webcam at the other end of the street facing towards this one?
2014-03-13, 01:12
If your cam is powered by Quicktime, you lost me. See Ya.
2013-12-29, 17:15
the motel we see is from the movie the christmas card
2013-08-13, 18:31
well I cant see the web cam but I do have to say I loved visiting here with my family. It's so wonderful to come here especially when it's around Christmas! :D We all would love to move here :)
JoJo Johns
2013-05-20, 14:26
When I moved to Nevada City in 1979 I ate at Cafe Les Stace in the front booth in the windows where you could see up and down the town. What a great time in my life history. They used to say if you go to Nevada City to live and you someday leave, YOU WILL ALWAYS COME BACK...Well I have a house on the water in SW Florida on the Gulf of Mexico on a canal that gets me out to the Gulf from my backyard in 20 minutes...Yet still I have to buy another home there and keep 1 in Florida and one in Nevada City..Because God knows I Love that town it still owns a big piece of my heart...Love Yawl No Matter what..Good time and bad times we surely had a ball ! Love & Pax JoJo Johns
2012-12-24, 07:47
Great for checking the snow levels before driving up the hill
2012-12-23, 21:38
How I miss this city.....thanks for sharing a bit of home.....
S dain
2012-12-12, 18:54
I sure miss NC. Grew up just above "town" on one of the surrounding hills. Love seeing pictures of home.
arlene callaghan
2012-04-25, 13:51
this is a wonderful city, no gas stations, no fast food, not drive throughs. Visit if you can
2011-06-13, 09:20
ive seen this before ,never been here.can feel the street under my feet .
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