Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN) Webcam

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Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN) Webcam

If you’re looking for small aircraft action you’re in the right place. If you’re hoping to see some Boeings taking off and landing, it’s not going to happen

Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN) is a two-hundred and eighty-five acre, single runway airfield near the city of Auburn in the state of California. If you’re planning on flying in to land there make sure you get your GPS coordinates set for the right Auburn Municipal Airport. Not the airport of the same name which is eight hundred miles away near Auburn in Washington. Confusing the two is an easy mistake to make.

You’ll see more flaps on the wings of the aircraft parked on this airfield than are made by a flock of seagulls in full flight. This cam is pretty flappy too as it flits non-stop from one part of the airfield to another. Hold onto your chair and if you start to feel dizzy, don’t worry, it’ll just be the onset of motion sickness.

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