Lafayette Shell Service Station Webcam

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Lafayette Shell Service Station Webcam

If you’ve clicked into this webcam streamed by Car Tech of the gas station in Lafayette, California, hoping to spot the moment fuel costs go down a few cents, tough luck. The pumps are just a bit too far away to be able to see the price they’re charging for a gallon, but, the same as pretty much everywhere else at the moment, it probably borders on the exorbitant.

The days of cruising around the Contra Costa County countryside on a Sunday afternoon without having to take out a bank loan to fill your tank may well be a thing of the past. There are other recreational options to consider though. The only fuel you’ll need to hike around Lafayette Reservoir is a picnic to eat on the way or alternatively, go rowing across the lake in a boat. Take a fishing rod and you might even hook a fish to grill on the lakeside barbeques for your supper. If that’s not more fun than sitting behind a steering wheel then nothing is.

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