Waterbar Surf Cam in San Diego

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Waterbar Surf Cam in San Diego

There’s nothing quite like life on the ocean waves. In the case of this webcam though, it’s not about spending time on a boat, but on a surfboard. Thanks to the Waterbar Restaurant on Ocean Boulevard, if you’re in San Diego with your board tucked under your arm, you’ll be able to find out if the surf is up or the waves are as flat as the proverbial pancake.

The Waterbar Restaurant is right next to Pacific Beach which is a top spot for novice surfers to hone their skills. The waves are pretty constant, but roll in a lot more gently than they do in other San Diego surf spots. Watching learner surfers can get quite interesting. The wobbling stances and the falling off are just as entertaining as watching an experienced surfer catching a tube ride. Keep viewing to enjoy the show. It’s worth it.

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