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Glasgow City Centre, George Square
Two webcams on George Square in the centre of Glasgow

Webcam Views: 99956 | Ratings: 171 | Go To Cam Source »
We are having trouble finding a recent webcam image at the cam owner's website. Please go to the source website (link above), and let us know where the webcam has moved to or if it has disappeared completely.
Glasgow City Centre, George Square
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: Scotland Webcams |
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
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Showing all 158 Comments.
Carol Brown
2015-12-31, 21:19
was there in Oct....wish i was there tonight....from Ontario
Aileen Stewart
2015-11-24, 16:05
Camera must have been out of order to let the Christmas tree and decorations go up!
Aileen Stewart
2015-11-14, 05:00
Guess the webcam is out of order again!
Linda Field
2015-01-01, 00:03
Happy New Year and Happy Hogmany everyone from Hamilton Ontario Canada See you in September 2015!
Carol Brown
2014-12-01, 18:32
Can't wait to see George square again next year Cheers from Ontario Canada
LInda Field
2014-12-01, 16:12
Oh Well, We still love our hometown of Glasgow here in Canada xxx ooo
Aileen Stewart
2014-11-12, 08:54
Total fog in Glasgow or is the web cam down again!
paul orr
2014-11-09, 12:55
Hi hope you are OK Linda and had a great remembrance day! X
Aileen Stewart
2014-10-27, 14:38
This is not a patch on Inverurie, Aberdeenshire's camera. Several "live" views of the town.
2014-10-12, 16:15
It's still pictures. They should update every 20 seconds on the council's own website, but usually less frequently here on Camscape.
2014-10-12, 10:13
I don't think a Ruglen resident set up the GLASGOW one. Does that not tell you something.
Booby Feeney
2014-10-12, 10:04
Are all the pictures still life. Or is it meant to be real time moving pictures.
2014-09-18, 19:45
why cant it be like Rutherglens live cam.
2014-08-28, 16:18
The camera seems to be working again (for now) !
2014-08-27, 21:43
The new camera seems to be broken already. Hopefully the council won't take as long to have this one fixed.
2014-08-06, 22:02
Ratho, you should be able to enlarge/zoom in via your browser settings.
2014-07-25, 23:58
Can it be enlarged?Too small for viewing. if so how to do it.
2014-07-08, 16:46
Thanks - we have updated our link, though it doesn't seem to render in Internet Explorer, only Firefox/Chrome
2014-07-08, 16:24
The original council webpage for the camera has now been reactivated too:
Glesga James
2014-07-05, 17:59
Wow..that's great! I thought it would never happen.Nice to see the sun shining on George Square once again :)
Aileen Stewart
2014-07-04, 11:32
Great! That's a start! Let's see even more continued improvement please.
2014-07-03, 18:52
Wow, Graham! We're on the floor too!No page for it yet on the Council's website. Will update our link as soon as it is live.
2014-07-03, 18:48
pick me up off the floor am I seeing things
debbie irvine
2014-07-02, 09:19
Months gone by still not sad nobody cares about this cam.Watch your property to anyone coming to commonwealth games,especially at the eastend of the city,a load of chavs,neds and thiefs.And its not the councillors Im talking about.I am boycotting it,not safe.
2014-06-28, 09:51
Would have been good to be able to see the city as coming over from New Zealand for the Comm Games cant find any webcams working
2014-06-26, 10:36
This is an alternative complaints page to the one mentioned below:
2014-06-26, 10:33
I don't suppose anyone from the council monitors comments here. Maybe everyone should start complaining via the council site:
Glesga James
2014-06-22, 18:26
Only a month to go until the Commonwealth Games and these tossers still can't get this bloody Webcam working, shame on you Glasgow,this is too embarrassing.
2014-06-19, 16:18
Shame on my native city, Not one working cam = forget George Square - spend a few quid and get the fantastic Buchanan Street scene up and running again
brian shanks
2014-06-17, 01:01
Still not sorted,just had a look at Brazils cams.Very good.This here cam is not very good even when it did work.Wrong position,and very cheap and nasty.Get one that can be controlled like every other city has.R
2014-05-29, 16:00
While you wait for the webcam, there is a great George Square video here:
englander 1
2014-05-28, 11:56
What a great weekend in glasgow,thanks to radio 1,and all our english bands,roadies,and the techno guys who made glasgow miles better.See you still aint got your cam fixed folks.Whats going on.Coulda fixed it for you while we were in glasgow.Your great people but I would have to agree with most of you that your council are rubbish.
John Sweeney
2014-05-21, 01:35
Received from Archie Graham:The camera overlooking George Square was damaged during recent restoration work in the City Chambers. The decision was made by GCC to disconnect it and replace it with a new web cam. The target date for installation of the new web cam is June 13.I hope this response is acceptable. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact either myself or my colleagues at ACCESS.
A Salmond
2014-05-20, 09:13
Pathetic Labour Council.Camera is right above their empty heads.
John Sweeney
2014-05-17, 00:52
I have contacted councillor Archie Graham and he will have the IT people look into it. I expressed the disapointment of many people not able to see George Sqr, and the people who would be attending the Commomwealth Games the opportunity to see Glasgow's Council Chambers and George Sqr.
2014-05-07, 17:01
Despite repeated attempts to get a response from Glasgow City Council regarding this webcam, it still is offline. We were going to remove it from the site, but one comment seems to imply a replacement camera is coming soon. We will link out to the page the webcam used to be linked from on the official Council website and keep our eyes on it. Thanks.
alex lindsay
2014-04-26, 10:22
The city council were quick enough to get people out of their homes to build the village for the athletes for the commonwealth games.They were going to spend 65,000k for a plinth 4 foot higher to stop the dukes cone(waste of our money)closed down an iconic paddys market and they cant fix a webcam,Edinburgh shouldve got the commonwealth games,far better run council,theyll be a lot of robberies nd muggings in the eastend come the games.So beware tourists.And also please fix the cam.Theyre all to busy lining their own pockets.Oh .... Glasgow Council.ffs.
2014-04-24, 22:35
6 weeks and counting on the broken webcam.
2014-04-21, 13:43
Wtf is the point? the cam is facing a blurred-out building :-/
Kebieche djamel
2014-04-13, 21:35
I used to live in Glasgow so Many unforget mémories i have been looking for à person called Ellen Rough and till now i could not find her maybe Someone could help me
2014-04-13, 11:09
Why are the cameras not working?...I was in Glasgow from 1982 - 2010 in Strathclyde an subsequently working for Glasgow Coty Council. Many happy memories in Glasgow. I miss the City and it\'s people. My daughter still lives in Glasgow.
2014-04-13, 00:56
oh i forgot you cant fix the webcam youre to busy trying to bow up buildings
2014-04-13, 00:53
it is the 13 th of april time i 0152 am and the web cam for george square is stil broken thanks
Djamel Kebieche
2014-04-06, 00:32
Always miss Glasgow i used to havé Nice Time in George square With Nice people but. What happé de With thé cam Côme on you glaswegian get à décent one
thelma brown
2014-04-03, 12:34
have phoned re webcam from oz..said it would be dealt with, rubbish how long is a piece of string...come on glasgow
2014-04-02, 18:00
I remember standing in the square , 16 yrs old after the dancing waiting for the night bus back to Renfrew - happy days. Coming home after 33 years . Sooooo exciting
2014-04-01, 02:57
The Webcam was damaged during construction. New digital camera has been ordered and will be installed soon
2014-03-29, 14:36
Cant believe the council was going to spend £65,000 on a plinth to stop the cone going on the duke of wellingtons head,and they cant sort this webcam.Have a look at the Capitals numerous cams.EdinburghSmilesBetter.
2014-03-29, 14:13
What do you expect,its glasgow city council run.Couldnae run a menage.Edinburgh always shows you lot up.Games wouldve been better held in the capital city
John G
2014-03-23, 17:47
For a city that's hosting the commonwealth games it's a very poor show that you don't have a decent city centre webcam for people attending the games to view the place before arriving!! perhaps you could take a leaf from edinburgh and have a look at their streaming webcams which shows the city at it's best!....come on glasgow surely you can do better than this!! .
2014-03-22, 09:34
Hey just looked at the Main St Rutherglen webcam, omg that is so good, GCC should put the exact same one in Georges Square, it is in real time not a stupid 4 hourly shot. I live abroad and love to look at Georges Square in my home town, please GCC GET IT FIXED AND UPDATED!!!!
mick rooney
2014-03-19, 21:43
as usual do we./ the scots public pay the council for the cams not working
2014-03-13, 08:12
I spoke to soemone at council and they say cam is down due to building maintenance.
Robert S
2014-03-12, 22:29
Dont the Council realise that the web cam is a way of showing off our wonderful George Square to the world?
2014-03-12, 12:47
No luck at the council im afraid. No one knows who is responsible for the camera.Copy & paste the following link into your browser for an even better webcam of Glasgow. this helps.
2014-03-12, 12:41
I live in GLASGOW and have telephoned the council offices and complained that the webcam is not working. They have assured me that it will be repaired asap.We will see how long it takes. 12/03/14 - 12 noon
mick rooney
2014-03-10, 16:38
stop drinking all the wiisky and fix the web cam eh.
2014-03-10, 07:37
Please fix the web cam, it is followed by many people who visit this wonderful city, we visit twice a year but still like to view the webcam.
2014-03-09, 11:17
If the council would drink less tea or get the cleaner to sort out the web cam,if they vote for Scotland rule I dare say the web cam will be one of the cut backs? for what use it is.
thelma /oz
2014-03-09, 10:16
what is going on with webcam please please fix it
lionel from Canada
2014-03-08, 17:19
this web site is a must to have running, please correct soon.
John Mar
2014-03-08, 13:45
I thought you had it right? unfortunately it is a disgrace to the City. While people are contemplating on coming to the Commonwealth Games, you should be proud to post a excellane web shot. If its the cost I would gladly contribute to a new camera. I wii call the City this week. John Mar Developement.
Aileen Stewart
2014-03-07, 20:45
Here we go again - a much less than perfect webcam! Please sort this out for ex-Glaswegians around the world!!!!
John Mar
2014-02-24, 17:12
Finally a perfect picture I hope it will continue as some of the other site's have pictures that are excellent
Glesga James
2014-02-24, 16:33
Afternoon shot and Webcam seems to be behaving itself. Nice February day in Glasgow as well. I wonder if the Cam will continue to behave ?
scottish lassie
2014-02-24, 07:23
i live in NZ and want to see my home city the cam is awful please can it be sorted thank you
Glesga James
2014-02-23, 08:04
What are they smoking at Glasgow City Council ? Does anyone in council ever look at this pathetic apology for a webcam ? Please get this fixed to save any further embarrassment.
2014-02-20, 09:29
Very poor cam,poor show from Glasgow council.Hope you can put a better show for the Commonwealth games.Doubt it though if you cant sort a simple error like this.Really proud of London after visiting this here site.On two minds for the games now.Only city on earth without a decent cam.
2014-02-09, 12:18
Scrap this cheap quality cam now.It is an embarrasment for such a great city,have a look at dundee new york amsterdam and rutherglen,why are they so much better visually and positioned better.Cheap tack.
thelma /oz
2014-02-06, 11:37
please councillors, have a look at TENBY web cam, surely we can do better
2014-02-06, 08:36
god only knows where they moved it to on their website :
Aileen Stewart
2014-02-04, 16:13
Thanks - we now have something visible to look at!
Aileen Stewart
2014-02-04, 13:24
Yes Glasgow does have a sky!!! Could we see a bit more of George Square please???
lionel campeau
2014-02-01, 17:28
sorry that the web-cam is still off line please fix soon
2014-01-30, 15:22
What a pity the webcam is no working, I'm coming to Glasgow next Sunday from perth Australia and I wanted to see what is happening.
2014-01-30, 12:57
FIX THE BLOODY CAMERA!ye gods, this is bad for the reputation of Glasgow, when it\'s own council can\'t run it\'s own bloody web camera :(
Aileen Stewart
2014-01-30, 11:57
Still no improvement! Sad as so many folk worldwide enjoy the web cam view.
Warren Deakin
2014-01-29, 15:22
i really agree with you lionel there i really miss it as i look on it everyday to see what is happening in the square
2014-01-29, 13:57
please do something to get the web backup,we all miss it .
Warren Deakin
2014-01-29, 09:04
Hi there how can you look at the lovely Georeg Square when your webcam is broke so GET IT FDIXED thanks
2014-01-27, 16:02
How can anyone miss looking at Glasgows web cam? well you can it's not there PLEASE GET IT FIXED.
Glesga James
2014-01-27, 00:21
C'mon Glasgow City Council get yer S%#t together, how difficult can it be to have a fully functional webcam,surely we can do better than this.
Aileen Stewart
2014-01-26, 21:51
Disappointing webcam. View Inverurie regularly and it has at least 5 different views of the town and super pictures.
2014-01-21, 20:57
I live in Glasgow & check out this cam most days I think it has now become the most cray cam out there.
Robert 2014-01-11:46
2014-01-07, 11:46
You must have one of the worst web cams I have seen where is the other one BIN?
2014-01-01, 20:53
Dennistoun born ,now in Auckland,oh well such is life !!!
2014-01-01, 00:26
The cam is kind of blurry but great to see George Square. Miss Glasgow very much after being away 50 yrs.
Sam Murphy
2014-01-01, 00:23
A world class city with a dollar store webcam...come on city council...get a decent HD webcam or two.
Ray Rosher
2014-01-01, 00:06
These camera Suck Glasgow City Council should be ashamed of itself! these cams broadcast world wide
2013-12-31, 23:54
So proud to be Scottish and now Canadian - Happy Hogmany!!!! will be back in 2 years - Scotland and Canada - 2 of the best places to be EVER!!!-the HUTCHESON CLAN
2013-12-31, 23:39
wish I was there..maybe next year..Happy New Year Scotland!!
James Mc Nicol
2013-12-31, 23:34
Come on Glasgow, get a decent camera. The quality of the pictures suck. I remember escorting young ladies, after a dance (in the 50's), to the square for the last bus home. Regards to Glasgow - a great City!
jimmy ontario
2013-12-31, 23:25
born in garscube rd 78 yrs ago i miss glasgow
2013-12-31, 23:04
to everyone who wants the old streets go to virtul mitchel
2013-12-26, 15:43
why spend so much money on things that aint needed like free methadone for the low lifes spend money on our city.
2013-12-22, 22:34
so proud to be from Glasgow.. Merry Christmas everyone, Happy New Year xx
gladys welsh
2013-12-21, 21:49
Glasgow is great very friendly people love to spend Christmas and New year there someday
2013-12-20, 17:18
keep up the good work appreciate every view
2013-12-20, 01:35
thelma brown
2013-12-13, 09:43
please fix web cams miss Glasgow so much, love to watch what's going on in sq. Ex c/tax worker now in Aus Australia
2013-12-12, 21:56
Yes, please make this live streaming!!!
Karan Mckay
2013-12-08, 08:10
Cant see anything through blurred frozen image. Please fix this problem enjoy pics from spain .
2013-12-04, 18:14
Wouldn't it be a good idea to put a live streaming feed and HD camera up? This cam is worse than no cam.
Heinrich Auzuenc
2013-11-28, 05:37
Why this, so still,none life going ?
Wolfgang Mueller
2013-11-26, 03:57
Why is the picture so blurred? I tried to look the Pictures since 3 days and there is always a diffuse Picture on my Screen.
harold carseldine
2013-11-25, 02:47
i live in Australia and need to see what is happening in George squar each day . the picture here is very distorted ... please I would like to see Glasgow in its best form and color ... from Ipswich qld Australia ...please harry
Steve Bennett-Squires
2013-11-22, 02:23
For the last 6 years my wife and I have stayed in Glasgow for the first weekend in December. Due to illness we won't be going this year.... It is a fantastic city and the winterfest is brilliant. People are warm and welcoming and we are missing it so much. Here's to next year x
Margaret Doust
2013-11-16, 05:36
I was born in this wonderful city and although I now live in Australia, Glasgow will always be home. I love this wonderful city.
Glasga James
2013-10-28, 10:52
WTF is the is the webcam frozen again ?
Dan McCabe
2013-10-11, 15:52
Glasgow will always be home. Live in N.Z and fly ma flag saltire if only we had a football team come on scotland
2013-10-04, 12:27
Of course i meant Dunoon was always there since I was just a little toddler. (Now 70 )
2013-10-04, 12:19
Was just home for a holiday and always excited to be in my home town no matter where I live glasgow will always be home. Good luck with the games. Hope to see the Argyll Games in D union before my final fairwell
2013-09-20, 09:02
I was home for 6 weeks in the summer and spent many a fabulous day in sunny Glasgow. I have been in USA for 30 years but Glasgow is still home. My daughter wants to move "home" to Scotland!
Glesga James
2013-09-11, 19:34
It's nice to see that George Square is coming along nicely now.And secondly,delighted to know that City Council made the correct decision by listening to the Punters(tax payers)by restoring the Square to it's former glory by retaining the Statues of the important and very, very special people who helped make this wonderful City what it is today. Thank you.
2013-09-10, 06:53
Every day I walked across the square moving from the tech to the university ( mid 50s)
Anne aka Mary Doll
2013-08-25, 14:56
Get the Square finished. This is the centre of our amazing City and should NOT be taking so long!
2013-08-11, 05:44
Lived there for one year... I love so much this city and this country. I want to move back :'(
2013-08-06, 08:44
Left Scotland 47yrs ago...wish I had stayed, nothing better than home.
Matthew Wilson
2013-08-03, 21:12
Born in Carmyle 73 years ago been gone 63 years thanks to webcams it not to bad.
Aileen Stewart
2013-07-28, 10:47
Been away 42 years but Glasgow has a special place in my heart. Waited often in nearby John St for the 20 bus to Drumchapel.
Kebieche Djamel
2013-07-13, 05:59
Always fancy to visit Glasgow i uses to live in thé dich tirs Nevers Forget Nice moments i had
jimmy neil
2013-07-08, 11:46
The camera IS working. The square has been closed off for renovations
2013-04-17, 14:24
2013-04-17, 14:22
they took the link out of the site coding so it doesnt show up
hugh drummond
2013-04-17, 13:01
whats up with the cammera are you afraid the party tonight would take the shine off the milk snatchers funneral.
joe reilly
2013-04-17, 09:42
why has the web cam stopped on the day of maggs
Ian Webster
2013-04-06, 17:38
Like many of you get my shot in the arm of nostalgia by checking in on George Sq. Traversed it every day in the mid 70's while going to Strathclyde. Now been gone for close to 40 years, but still recall that grave look every day on James Watt's face...he's one of the statues in the Sq.
Sean Keogh , South Wales
2013-04-05, 16:59
Good luck to all the football fans tommorow in they're protest against the Bill
Howard & Patricia ..
2013-03-27, 13:36
Left many years ago and OH! Wish I had not...that is done, and going 'home'and it will always be 'home' is a priority this web cam is used daily, and Glasgow is viewed very frequently..
Susan McShane
2013-03-25, 07:54
I'll always crave to be back in Scotland, I have strong roots there x
Ali Abulfath,of Garthamlock
2013-03-23, 04:58
Never missed a day to watch George square via webcam. From Bahrain I follow whats n Glasgow as get ready to leave to Glasgow end March wher I stay for 6 month.Viva Glasgow warm people.
classie houston tx
2013-03-20, 12:23
been gone a long time but ma heert is still in scotland ma ROOTS will be hame soon
2013-03-19, 09:43
been away from glasgow 11 years now,still miss the place but when i look at the windswept square even in mid march i remember why i moved away
Isabel Goldie
2013-03-02, 10:10
Wish I was home,I hope you you don't change!!!!Conn. USA
2013-02-20, 05:07
Miss you living in Oz currently but think of you lots will always be home
2013-02-04, 21:19
... Lived there for 5 1/2 years... fun place for a good part!. I made friends for live...(woof -woof)!!
2013-01-31, 09:13
Greetings from Prague! There`s something about Glasgow...can`t explain what...but I so wanna be there...
Alastair McDougall
2013-01-25, 05:03
All yous guys miss Glasga so much you live somwhere else. Put your butt where your mouth is and come hame.
2013-01-18, 00:41
Ahh Caledonia how I miss you! Shortbread,irn bru,totty scone and the sunday post.Of course i live and pay taxes in Alicante now and wouldnt be seen dead with the scruff in george puddin,runrig,braveheart.....
2013-01-13, 09:03
Been away from my home city for 7 years now..Cant get home due to work,but if and when we get Independence i will be home....Great City....
Mousa Marashdeh/Jordan
2013-01-01, 12:23
I lived the hagmony twice in this square. I'v been away now for 7 years to Jordan...Iam home sick for Glasgow...its great memories
patricia lennon
2012-12-31, 23:15
Nowhere does Hogmanay like Glasgow its the people , when I hear Auld Lang Syne my heart swells I know its our song
Lorna duncan
2012-12-31, 18:23
Always homesick for Glasgow this time of the year. Orange, Ca.
Alison &Peter
2012-12-31, 18:18
Nothing like it !!! we are here watching from Toronto , Canada Happy New Year!
Ted and Nancy Ward. (nee Lavery)
2012-12-31, 17:46
Miss Glasgow this time of the year, here in Australia we have already brought in 2013, Happy New Year to Irene Chesney and Family and June McNally and Family(our Nieces) and Eileen Lavery xo
2012-12-31, 17:29
There is nothing better than standing in the square at 12:00. Midnight on new years eve..........nothing!!!!!
gordon sands
2012-12-31, 14:08
If there is one thing I miss about Scotland is George Square.I used to work in the Royal Exchange Square in the 70s + 80s.I now live in Ontario but the only true place to be at New Years is Glasgow and George Square.Have a great new year and enjoy your first footing at the new year.
alex cameron
2012-12-24, 14:34
its the city i miss most being an anderson cross boy living on argyle st above the salvation army i saw sights ecvery day from the trams going past to the buses' my family still live there as do my memories
2012-12-22, 11:54
John, as you can see, no big wheel this year, to make way for more round a bouts Merry Xmas
2012-12-22, 03:13
Always happy to go back to glasgow.the best city in Scotland.
Iain Ballantyne
2012-12-21, 15:46
Born in Cambuslang, 81 yrs ago. The Glesga folk have a great sense of humor.Now live in Lake Forest ca usa.
louise cliff
2012-12-21, 15:09
I miss Glasgow at christmas and especially New Year...
christine cooper
2012-12-19, 16:45
i always miss glasgow this time of year ,not so much xmas but new years eve .
2012-12-17, 16:20
I went last year to Glasgow with 3 friends. Fell in love with the city. I long on at least 3 times a week to see the square. Funny how much I miss the city.
2012-12-13, 03:01
i took my Mrs to the square last year for her birthday. Took her on the big wheel, but i freaked out and had to get off. She saw the funny side and laughed for weeks.
2012-12-02, 16:52
elizabeth munro
2012-11-21, 01:21
i use to cross george square every morning to go to work in the sixties best years of my life i now live in france and miss glasgow verry much
christine cooper
2012-10-29, 08:26
i use to stand there at the square when i was 15 waiting for the night bus to garthamlock we use to go to the dance hall .im 61 now happy days ..

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