Loch Linnhe Views from Fort William

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Loch Linnhe Views from Fort William

Loch Linnhe in northwest Scotland can only be described as a bonnie sight. The sea loch is around fifty kilometres long and stretches from Fort William to the Firth of Lorne. Does Loch Linnhe have a monster lurking in its depths? According to legend it may have.

In Scottish folklore, the legendary monster of Loch Linnhe is nowhere near as affable as its counterpart that reputedly resides in Loch Ness. Loch Linnhe’s mythical creature was a child-eating water spirit that manifested in the form of a horse. It hasn’t been spotted recently which, in all honesty, is probably a good thing. If it does emerge from the deep and you happen to spot it from the shoreline, forget taking a photo or trying to capture it on a selfie, do the sensible thing and run.

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