Bennachie Views from The Redgarth in Oldmeldrum

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Bennachie Views from The Redgarth in Oldmeldrum

If you’ve been humming the tune to that old song about Loch Lomond while longing for a glimpse of the Scottish highlands, you’ve clicked into the right webcam.

With this live feed streamed by The Redgarth Inn in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeen, you won’t need to take any road, high or low, to get there as you’ll be in the scenic Bennachie Hills in a flash and without moving out of your chair.

Oxen Craig is the tallest mound in the Bennachie Hills towering into the sky at well over five hundred meters in height. Admittedly it’s not Ben Nevis, but it’s still a bonny sight – unless the clouds drop down and shroud it.

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