Lanark Town Webcams

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Lanark Town Webcams

If you’ve dropped by this webcam in the hope of seeing a bonny kilt-clad Scot baring his hairy legs while doing his shopping on Lanark high street, you could be waiting a while. You may be lucky and catch a big braw male picking his kilt up from the dry cleaners, but that’ll be just about your lot. 

It could be that they’re a shy lot in Lanark or maybe the town occupants have taken to the high roads and legged it to the nearby Falls of Clyde Nature Reserve for a tramp through the bonny countryside. Either way, you’ll have to be content with the flow of passing traffic to liven up your viewing unless someone comes out  of the local pub and entertains you by doing a Highland reel down the middle of the street. Believe it, stranger things have been known to happen.

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