Linlithgow Webcams

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Linlithgow Webcams

Linlithgow is a town in Scotland that looks like it still has a way to go to catch up with the 21st century. While it may not be superficially modern, it has its place in history and is surrounded by incredible highland scenery.

Linlithgow has all the attributes any Scottish town could hope for. It’s own loch, Linlithgow Loch, part of the Union Canal full of barges and not just any old Scottish castle ruin, but the forbidding Linlithgow Palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

Historically renowned for its surplus of wells, Linlithgow commemorates that part of its past with the ornate and gargoyle-adorned Cross Well in the town center. The stone of the well and that of the Burgh Hall behind is almost as black as the hound on the town’s coat of arms. They’re Gothic Scotland at its best.

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