Largs Ferry Terminal Webcam

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Largs Ferry Terminal Webcam

If you’re thinking that Largs sounds more like a town in Norway than one in Scotland, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Largs boasts many of the attributes of a typical British Victorian seaside resort, including fish and chip shops, but it also has a long, and somewhat ancient, history of being invaded by those marauding Scandinavians known as Vikings.

Somehow the canny Scots of old managed to keep the plunderers at bay and Largs, even though it has a museum dedicated to Vikings, is about as Scottish as it gets. While these days, or at least not every day, you won’t see any Viking longships sailing into Largs harbour, on this webcam you will be able to watch the ferries that run between Largs and Millport on the island of Great Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde come and go. Is that as exciting as it gets? No, it’s not. View this live feed during the week-long Largs Viking Festival at the end of August and you could well spot a Scot or two, dressed as a Viking, disembarking their longboat on their way to get a portion of battered haggis and chips before the annual celebration of the Battle of Largs begins. Believe it, it’s truly a sight worth waiting for.

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