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Glasgow City Centre, George Square
Two webcams on George Square in the centre of Glasgow

Webcam Views: 99956 | Ratings: 171 | Go To Cam Source »
We are having trouble finding a recent webcam image at the cam owner's website. Please go to the source website (link above), and let us know where the webcam has moved to or if it has disappeared completely.
Glasgow City Centre, George Square
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: Scotland Webcams |
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
Updated on Camscape: 3 years ago
3 years ago
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Comments 31 to 40 (of 158)
2014-05-29, 16:00
While you wait for the webcam, there is a great George Square video here:
englander 1
2014-05-28, 11:56
What a great weekend in glasgow,thanks to radio 1,and all our english bands,roadies,and the techno guys who made glasgow miles better.See you still aint got your cam fixed folks.Whats going on.Coulda fixed it for you while we were in glasgow.Your great people but I would have to agree with most of you that your council are rubbish.
John Sweeney
2014-05-21, 01:35
Received from Archie Graham:The camera overlooking George Square was damaged during recent restoration work in the City Chambers. The decision was made by GCC to disconnect it and replace it with a new web cam. The target date for installation of the new web cam is June 13.I hope this response is acceptable. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact either myself or my colleagues at ACCESS.
A Salmond
2014-05-20, 09:13
Pathetic Labour Council.Camera is right above their empty heads.
John Sweeney
2014-05-17, 00:52
I have contacted councillor Archie Graham and he will have the IT people look into it. I expressed the disapointment of many people not able to see George Sqr, and the people who would be attending the Commomwealth Games the opportunity to see Glasgow's Council Chambers and George Sqr.
2014-05-07, 17:01
Despite repeated attempts to get a response from Glasgow City Council regarding this webcam, it still is offline. We were going to remove it from the site, but one comment seems to imply a replacement camera is coming soon. We will link out to the page the webcam used to be linked from on the official Council website and keep our eyes on it. Thanks.
alex lindsay
2014-04-26, 10:22
The city council were quick enough to get people out of their homes to build the village for the athletes for the commonwealth games.They were going to spend 65,000k for a plinth 4 foot higher to stop the dukes cone(waste of our money)closed down an iconic paddys market and they cant fix a webcam,Edinburgh shouldve got the commonwealth games,far better run council,theyll be a lot of robberies nd muggings in the eastend come the games.So beware tourists.And also please fix the cam.Theyre all to busy lining their own pockets.Oh .... Glasgow Council.ffs.
2014-04-24, 22:35
6 weeks and counting on the broken webcam.
2014-04-21, 13:43
Wtf is the point? the cam is facing a blurred-out building :-/
Kebieche djamel
2014-04-13, 21:35
I used to live in Glasgow so Many unforget mémories i have been looking for à person called Ellen Rough and till now i could not find her maybe Someone could help me
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