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Live web cam around a pond in Botswana

Webcam Views: 76007 | Ratings: 238 | Go To Cam Source »
Updated on Camscape: 9 years ago
Web Cam is live at:
Preview Pic OnlyWe only have a still preview of this cam - click it to go to the source. There are a few reasons for this, including the format of the cam may not be compatible or we are not pulling images at the owners' request. | In: Africa Webcams |

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Showing all 17 Comments.
2016-01-21, 22:23
Life Cam? I see no movement at all. This picture is a few years old, in fact. It does not help to click on the picture. Very stupid.
2015-09-12, 02:08
So cute
I'm an animal lover.I have a cat a genuinepig and 2dogs
lee jung
2015-08-12, 03:32
Lots of views ratings suck when the came does not work
i don't see anything!!!! it is just a frozen zebra like mandela said
2015-05-23, 00:40
I clicked on the link went to a site and it is not live
2014-04-12, 20:42
If you click the picture to the source site you'll see it says it's currently unavailable. We'll flag this one for removal if it's not back on in a decent timeframe.
2014-04-12, 20:15
Take the lie off the web. There nothing but still photos
john franklin
2014-03-22, 06:24
Some people probably aren't smart enough to use the internet. Click on the zebra...I hope you know how to click. You obviously can't read what's under the photo : (
2014-03-09, 21:51
this is stupid. this is no live webcam.. its a frozen picture. a waste of time for everyone.
2013-06-09, 18:35
Lots of views ratings suck when the came does not work
2013-06-08, 16:28
i don't see anything!!!! it is just a frozen zebra like mandela said
2013-01-25, 12:52
Getreal man. this zebra is not moving!
2012-10-12, 20:33
dead as the dodo like all theses sites
2012-07-31, 18:21
Barbara - Click that picture to go to the cam's site. Thanks!
2012-07-31, 18:19
I just see a picture of a zebra, I do not see any motion.
Ellen Rothermel
2012-05-20, 21:16
Wonderful sight. It makes me moredetermined to get to ZimbabweBotswana and Namibia!
joe baines
2011-12-26, 09:18
all i can see is an advert.. there is no web cam on this link
Janis M. Renner
2011-03-30, 18:58
I have spent many hours viewing this webcam. It is so very much fun and interesting to see the elephants, etc. Please keep it going!
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