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Mauritius is a stunningly beautiful island in the Indian Ocean two-thousand miles off the East African coast that is renowned as a luxury vacation destination. Historically the unique home of the now extinct dodo bird, Mauritius has a surplus of endemic flora and fauna as well as incredible geological formations like the Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire mountain and the Black River gorges.

One of Mauritius most outstanding, and possibly best appreciated features, are its one-hundred and fifty kilometres of pristine white sand beaches. Mauritius is equally as stunning underwater as it is above and is the location of the world’s third biggest coral reef which completely encircles the island. As strange as it may seem there are no dangerous native creatures in Mauritius at all, but someone had the bright idea of importing crocodiles as entertainment for tourists. So long as they don’t escape then Mauritius will remain, as always, the proverbial paradise island.

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