Gondwana Park Webcam

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Gondwana Park Webcam

When a wild animal is inhabiting an arid and dusty valley in Namibia, there’s one thing that’s going to attract its attention – a deluxe watering hole with a constant supply of the fresh wet stuff. This webcam streaming from the Gondwana Canyon Park has the perfect strategic position to capture incredible views of all the different species who head to the waterhole to drink.

The Gondwana Canyon Park is over one-hundred thousand hectares of land once used for sheep farming but is now a privately owned and run conservation area. Keep watching this wild animal webcam and you’ll be able to spot herds of long-horned Oryx antelope and mountain zebra, giraffes and even ostriches. If they suddenly start to run like mad, you’ll know there’s a leopard in the close vicinity either ready to pounce or waiting its turn to quench its thirst.

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