Volcano Webcams in El Salvador

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Volcano Webcams in El Salvador

If you’re someone who likes to wait for things to happen then you’ll love this collection of volcano webcams being streamed from El Salvador. If you’re hoping to see an online eruption, you could be waiting a long time. There’s nothing like being patient so bear with them while you grow old enough to forget while you were looking at them in the first place.

Chaparrastique is the stratovolcano that has most recently shown signs of life when it puffed out plumes of smoke for a few hours in November 2022 before falling silent again. In 2005 the El Salvador volcano known as Ilamatepec spewed out sulphurous smoke for the first time in a hundred years and then went back to sleep. Tecapa, while still being classed as active, has been in a centuries long hibernation and hasn’t bothered to show its force for nearly two thousand years. Take care and don’t fall asleep while viewing this collection of El Salvador volcano cams or you could turn into the modern day version of Rip Van Winkle while waiting to see lava flow on these live feeds.

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