Ravenna Gorge Webcam in the Black Forest near Breitnau

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Ravenna Gorge Webcam in the Black Forest near Breitnau

If you click into this cam and see nothing more than the trees of the Black Forest, while they are in themselves a majestic sight, wait a minute and you will be suitably rewarded for your patience.

When there’s an inconvenient gap in the earth’s crust, guaranteed there’ll be a human who wants to get from one side to the other, no matter how difficult that might turn out to be. And to cross the Ravenna Gorge, rather than circumvent its four kilometre length, required a major feat of engineering. As the cam pans round, you’ll get a panoramic view of the result of that feat of engineering – the Ravenna Bridge. Although it’s hard to believe, this nine-arch viaduct spanning the gorge was built in 1926 and was completed in just over a year. The bridge is still standing strong almost a century later and even the vibrations caused by the trains of the Hell Valley Railway passing over it haven’t loosened the mortar from the stonework.

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