Umakute Gokyu Ramen Restaurant Webcams in Chiangmai

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Umakute Gokyu Ramen Restaurant Webcams in Chiangmai

There’s nothing more satisfying than slurping your way through a bowl of noodles. Although it has to be said, it’s not quite as fulfilling watching other people do it.

This live feed streaming from the Umakute Gokyu Ramen Restaurant in Chiangmai, Thailand, makes up for any lack of appetite satisfaction you might get while viewing. Why? On this webcam you get to see the entire process a restaurant goes through to get someone’s food ready. From taking the order at the front counter, to the preparation in the kitchen of the chosen dishes, to the customers sitting down to eat or rushing off with their take-outs.

Let’s face it, it can get quite bothersome trying to catch what’s left at the bottom of a bowl of ramen after you supped the broth. Eating with chopsticks is great fun, and millions of people do it several times a day. But if you’re not adept at manipulating them, it can get frustrating. The folks you’ll see on this webcam are undeniably eating with chopsticks experts. Keep watching and you’ll find out how to use chopsticks the right way – without committing the major sin of dropping your food on the floor.

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