DIY Carwash Webcam in Taipei

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DIY Carwash Webcam in Taipei

This live feed streaming from a DIY car wash in Taipei, Taiwan, would definitely benefit from having a music track added to it.

Don’t mute the sound and you may start to wonder if the facility has been taken over by aliens who have dropped by to give their spaceship a spit and polish. While that would make viewing this cam a lot more entertaining, it’s sadly highly unlikely you’ll spot any Martians hosing the dust off their flying saucer. Best thing to do is turn down the volume, do a Google search for that great 70s hit Working at the Car Wash by Rose Royce and have that playing in the background. It’ll be a lot easier on your ears and you never know, it might just get you out of your chair to have a funky groove to that catchy disco beat. 

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