Scenic View of Trevi

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Scenic View of Trevi

For scenic panoramas of Italian hillside towns, this view of Trevi is hard to beat. Stare at it long enough and you may even begin to hear the church bells ringing. It will just be your imagination though as this feed sadly has no sound.

Trevi is a mediaeval town in the Umbria region of central Italy and the place to go in late October if gastro-travel is your thing. Black celery, a variety of celery only grown around Trevi and locally produced sausages take centre stage at the Black Celery and Sausage Festival. The most popular street food on offer at the festival is a sandwich made of sausage and celery. If you can’t begin to imagine what those two ingredients would taste like together then it’s time to book a flight to Perugia Airport and try some for yourself.

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