Scenery Around the Town of Fraser

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Scenery Around the Town of Fraser

To see the sun rise above the Rocky Mountains of Colorado you need to drop by this Fraser live feed at around six thirty am local time. It’s a sight for sore eyes that paints the sky and the peaks with a rainbow of rosy hues.

Fraser is a rural town close to the Rocky Mountain National Park that doesn’t go into hibernation when winter sets in, but instead shouts – bring it on. The bucking broncos of the local rodeo get a well earned rest from tossing cowboys off their backs. Folks hang up their lassos in favour of a set of skis or an inflatable ring and head for the slopes. Summertime hiking boots are swapped for snowshoes or snowmobiles and horses for sleds pulled by teams of huskies. It has to be said, that whatever time of the year you’re in Fraser, it’ll be fun.

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