Kitty Brew’s Cat Cafe Webcam in Mason

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Kitty Brew’s Cat Cafe Webcam in Mason

If Puss in Boots wanted to take a well-deserved rest from being a movie star he wouldn’t go far wrong spending a week or two at the Kitty Brew’s Cat Cafe. Antonio Banderas would definitely¬† approve.

This cat cafe in Mason, Ohio, has all the amenities to make any furry feline stay there fantastic. And if you’re a cat loving coffee addict you won’t be hard done by either. Whether you’d like to sip a soy latte or a tropical green tea while stroking a pussy, you’ll find at Kitty brew’s they serve only the best organic products. And if you want to adopt a kitty, well, you can do that too. That’s probably one of the best take-outs you could possibly get.

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