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Almaguin Highlands Sundridge - Weather Cam
This WebCam is looking down a farm driveway towards a regional road. The page is complete with weather information from a Davis Weather Station.

Webcam Views: 21545 | Ratings: 20 | Go To Cam Source »
Almaguin Highlands Sundridge - Weather Cam
Updated on Camscape: 6 hours ago
Web Cam is live at:
6 hours agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: Ontario Webcams |
Updated on Camscape: 10 hours ago
10 hours ago
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Showing all 42 Comments.
Paul S
2020-03-28, 14:41
Hi. Does anyone know how long the snowman stake has been there? Thanks in advance!
Craig J
2020-01-27, 19:30
Hey Bob and Robert, if you are in fact two different blokes, try this link for the split screen
Bob S.
2020-01-08, 15:15
I'm really missing the snowman and his measuring stick. Please bring him back....
Bob S
2019-11-01, 19:57
Thanks photo today very helpful. Snow is here. Tomorrow looks warmer
2019-01-27, 20:18
I'm sure you are aware but we need the snowman pic also...Thnx
2018-11-11, 19:26
Will you be showing the snowman depth indicator in split screen again this year??
Bob S
2018-04-19, 01:07
picture is now 3 days old. How are we supposed to know what the weather is doing??? Please fix it or take it down.
Bob S.
2018-03-03, 15:22
Did the Snowman melt? or run out of sight down the driveway?
2018-02-23, 02:15
Hello from Australia, love the snowman.
2017-12-10, 21:00
Camera on Snowman misaligned. Not showing measuring stick. Thanks for keeping this site running.
2017-11-19, 17:22
Just a quick Thanks for keeping this cam up and running all these very helpful in the winter months....
2017-03-27, 11:29
I view your Webcam regularly through spring/summer/fall season and daily through winter season. Let's me know what to expect on my drive to the cottage. Absolutely I've the snowman during winter months. Can't that kind you enough for keeping the Webcam operating. Like having my own private weatherman at my fingertips.
Dave Dickson
2017-01-12, 13:19
I use the Sundridge Snowman everyday. It is the best for checking snow leveland conditions. It has been down the last couple of days and I miss it. The best webcam!! Thanks for it.
2016-12-09, 00:18
like checking out this cam, I am an avid sledder and wish more northern communities had a weather cam
2016-06-19, 20:43
We have a property on L Bernard and we check out your webcam all the time. Thanks Bill for keeping it going.
2016-02-24, 19:28
I love your cam. I have a place off N horn lake rd. So i love to check the weather before i go. Thanks Graham
2016-02-05, 15:23
Camera FOCUS appears to be off somewhat.
2015-12-29, 18:27
My Mama lives in Sundridge.. I'm in Alabama.. Now I can see what her weather is like.
2015-12-29, 14:49
Where did the Snowman go??? Florida!
2015-09-27, 18:11
Checking daily. Heading to Ontario soon and want to be there when leaves are red. Looking pretty green still.
Will Burke
2015-04-13, 14:23
I check out your web site at least weekly from Virginia. Do you accept contributions for upkeep?
Bob S
2014-12-21, 16:22
Does anyone know if ice is safe to walk on at Round Lake
Dave Brain
2014-10-31, 19:24
Great to have a cam site to the north few and far between great to see the Special weather statement was warranted.
2013-12-09, 19:48
Everyone loves your cam bill I tell all my friends to check it out
2013-11-29, 20:07
What road is it .I'am on lake bernard and i check out your site all the time this is great.
Peter Orrell
2013-08-20, 16:02
I check out this website from Hilton Head, South Carolina to see what the weather conditions are at the cottage. Thanks!!
2013-07-10, 15:37
Great Webcam for Almaguin District snowmobilers and cottagers!
2013-04-26, 18:15
Great question bob I\'d like to know as well
2013-04-26, 05:27
Does anyone know if the ice is off the local lakes
2013-04-09, 12:48
Love the camera...check it all the time to see if I can drive into my property or need the snowmobile
Thank you for this great info
John and Liz
2013-02-08, 08:27
We check out your webcam from Buckeye Arizona every day and appreciate your updates. Thanks for helping us keep in touch.
Bob Shelton
2013-02-07, 17:48
Great assistance thanks
We really appreciate the scale for snow depth .
2013-01-10, 08:51
I cannot thank you enough for the visual snow condition when viewing your webcam. Lets me know whether the long haul to my cottage is worth the price in gas before I head out. Great to know what type of road conditions I will encounter on my way into my place. All the best to you for a Happy New Year!!
2012-12-26, 10:29
I'm checking this all the time to see if there is enough snow for snowmobiling and how hard it will be to get into my cottage. Thanks!
2012-12-21, 13:21
I love this web cam as well, especially as it's our first season owning a cottage in this heavenly area! Its' very helpful to know how much is accumulating!
2012-12-12, 12:56
Paul S....if you click on the pic, it opens a link that shows you a snowman with a measuring stick to see how much snow there is...
2012-12-12, 12:54
Same here, checking conditions at the cottage - this is the best cam EVER!
Paul S.
2012-11-24, 09:30
I always check the webcam to see the road as I'm on a summer road and don't want to drive up just to find I can't get into my property and then turn around and drive back to Southern Ontario. How about putting a thermometer infront of the camera also or a measuring stick for snow depth. Many Thanks.
2012-11-10, 09:46
Thank you for providing this connection with God\'s country to those of us who have to spend some time in the south
Bill S.
2012-04-28, 08:04
I wish the North Star still had a web cam! It was great for locals and summer residents. :-(
2012-01-22, 08:51
I found your cam for the same reason Kevin likes it. Keep up the good work.
2011-11-30, 19:08
Love the cam shots...whenever I'm curious about the conditions at my cottage you're there!
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