Wasaga Beach Webcam

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Wasaga Beach Webcam

If you clicked into this webcam hoping to see ocean waves crashing against a stretch of sand – well, scoring one out of two isn’t too bad. Wasaga Beach has plenty of sand but no ocean waves.

Wasaga Beach is a town built in a bay on the south-east shore of Lake Huron in Ontario. Yes, there are waves sometimes, but freshwater ones rather than salty. Not a lot happens in Wasaga Beach unless it’s the brief summer season when the town receives a steady influx of visitors.

While Wasaga Beach can lay claim to being a town on the longest freshwater beach in the world, that’s not a major tourist attraction when the sand is covered with snow for several months of the year. Then again, you never know, beach skiing could well become a new trend.

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  1. Hi, my question will be addressed to Public Health department: “ why half of the beach is closed? Is this purposely done by PH to spread Covid more than we have? Instead of let people to spread across the beach territory, bureaucrats push all people in one place and they absolutely don’t care how many will contract the disease. This is a crime!

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