USA & Canada Border Cameras at Peace Bridge

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USA & Canada Border Cameras at Peace Bridge

When you’re heading into Canada from the US out of the state of New York, or vice versa, you’ll more than likely be heading through Buffalo and over the Peace Bridge.

It’s not such a great divide to cross, but border controls can often eat into the time you’ve scheduled for the trip. With these USA and Canadian Peace Bridge border webcams, you can check out the queues on either side before you get there.

They won’t help a lot if there is a backup of cars and trucks waiting to go through, but at least you’ll know what sort of wait you’re in for before making the trip across the Niagara River. Don’t forget to have your toll fee ready as waiting for change from a hundred dollar bill will slow you down more.

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6 thoughts on “USA & Canada Border Cameras at Peace Bridge

  1. It’s December 26th and for 3 days I’ve been getting contradictory information on whether the Peace bridge is open. The border crossing app, the cameras, Google, US border security…
    Some say it’s closed. Some say it’s open and gives you an update. That was 5 minutes ago but then the webcam and there’s nothing. I’m trying every way possible to find out if the damn bridge is open. What?

    1. Ann, sorry to burst ur bubble,but if u would look at cams at 7am – 10 am usa has 6 to 7 lanes open for some time now.cnd 6pm to 10 pm 8 lane open.and going both ways they are line up on the bridge bumper to bumper.have a safe trip.

  2. 1 jan 2023.What a wonderful job on both sides of the border processing so many safe.have a good trip.

  3. pb watching for months.trucks from cnd so many they put them into a lot just to get them off the QEW.then platoon them way late after dark.I was a driver on the us side with one of the major big ten(still in biss today) handle fright with a logo.hand shake and the words,hand across the border.customs on both side doing a bang up job to get them all on their way.Maintenance keep it open rain,sleet,snow for a safe trip.a sample for others to follow.

  4. 5/22/23.wonderfull idea.send all motor homes,trailers pulled by cars throu lane 1 where trucks get cleared.great job.less jam up.loaded with traffic all going to cnd.all the way x the bridge.and a BIG thank you for the people whom did this in a very safe way.

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