Sudbury Downtown Webcam

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Sudbury Downtown Webcam

If you were hoping to take a look at the market town of Sudbury in Suffolk, you’re a few thousand miles off course. This webcam is streaming from the city of Sudbury in the Canadian province of Ontario. Is there any similarity between the two other than the name they share? No, there’s not.

This Sudbury doesn’t lay claim to being founded in the 8th century. It can and does lay claim to a geological formation known as the Sudbury Basin, one of the largest craters on the planet. It also lays claim to being the hard rock mining capital of the world. Whether those two facts are connected is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. You can’t see them on this cam, but there are over five-thousand kilometres of underground tunnels around Sudbury left behind by the mining operations. That’s a lot of tunnels and something to ponder on while watching the vehicles zooming through this Downtown Sudbury junction.

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