Dorset Lookout Tower in the Algonquin Highlands

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Dorset Lookout Tower in the Algonquin Highlands

The Dorset Tower Lookout was built in the late 1960s to replace an old fire lookout and stands one-hundred feet high. There are panoramic views from the top that reach as far as the nearest township, Algonquin Highlands, as well as the Clinto, Otter and Kawagama Lakes.

It’s in the fall though when the tower is inundated with thousands of visitors who arrive to appreciate the spectacle of the trees turning from green to a kaleidoscope of burnished reds and golds. The queues of vehicles trying to get to the tower can get so long it’s practically winter by the time they get to the lookout. There’s no queuing to see nature’s display when you view the Dorset Lookout Tower live feed so that’s a major webcam bonus.

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