Zitao Street and Chaoyang Gate Cams in Jianshui

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Zitao Street and Chaoyang Gate Cams in Jianshui

The Chaoyang Gate appears dwarfed in size in comparison to the building it grants access to. Watch people walk through it and you’ll soon realise it’s not as small as it looks.

Amble with the crowds flooding through the arch in the thick walls that surround the Chaoyang Tower and you’ll be faced with a late 14th century pagoda that’s the second tallest structure in Jianshui County in southwest China. The tower looms over the old part of town to a height of just over twenty-four metres, but that’s not the only way it makes its presence felt. The tower houses a huge two metre tall bell that’s clanged every dusk as the sun starts to set. There’s no escaping its donging even if you’re shopping at the market stalls on Zitao Street.

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