Views of Hazard, Kentucky

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Views of Hazard, Kentucky

If you’ve dropped by these cams to take a peek at the filming locations of the 80s TV series Dukes of Hazzard, you’re in the wrong place. You won’t spot any Bo and Luke lookalikes running moonshine down the dirt tracks in their trusty and dusty Dodge Charger, the General Lee, on these feeds as the series was filmed on a ranch in California. This Hazard, with only one z, is in Perry County, Kentucky.

Does this Hazard have any claims to fame? It does and it’s a strange one. The most unusual building in this rural city, with just five-thousand inhabitants, is a round house topped by a roof in the shape of a goose. Yes, you read that correctly – a goose. While its beaked head may have fallen off during stormy weather in 2021, Hazard’s Mother Goose has now been fully restored to its former featherless and slate-grey glory. If you want to know the full story behind the goose-shaped roof or want to see it for yourself, it’s not visible on these live feeds from WYMT, you’ll just have to Google it. In the meantime, enjoy these scenic views of Hazard and the Kentucky countryside. 

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