Tänndalen Ski Resort Webcam

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Tänndalen Ski Resort Webcam

You don’t need a super steep slope to ski down to get a thrill if you go skiing at the Tänndalen Ski Resort in Sweden. You just need to take a ride on the ski lift.

The Tänndalen Ski Resort is in Jämtland County which is in a central area of the country along the Swedish-Norwegian border. It’s not one of the most mountainous regions of the world, but the skiers who head there still manage to get a serious adrenaline rush and without making too much of an effort either. How? Keep watching this live feed from the Tänndalen Ski Resort and when you spot the chairs on the ski lift whizzing past in a blur, you’ll know. It’s no wonder the chairs fly by empty. They’re going so fast no-one can catch one.

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