Portofino Webcams

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Portofino Webcams

If you’re looking for a view you can take a screenshot of and convert into a screensaver, they don’t come much better than this one of Portofino. It’s really got it all and then some.

The miniscule fishing village of Portofino may not be much of a fishing village any more, but that’s not too worrying to the local community.  Portofino’s picturesque location, on the northwest coast of Italy not far from Genoa, has attracted much bigger fish than the ones found in the sea. Cast a net in Portofino these days and it’s more likely you’ll snare a millionaire than you will a sardine. It’s such a popular spot with the wealthy that the makers of Ferrari cars even named one of their models after it. While the sporty and very deluxe vehicle does have some attractive attributes, it will never be as enticing to the rich as Portofino itself for the simple reason you just can’t moor a yacht in a Ferrari, but you can in Portofino.

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