Paperboy Prince Love Gallery Webcam, Bushwick

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Paperboy Prince Love Gallery Webcam, Bushwick

View this webcam streaming from the Love Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York and you’re looking at much more than a gallery for colourful eclectic artworks.

Founded by rapper, artist and political activist, Paperboy Love Prince and associates in 2020, the centre opened to the public at the beginning of 2021.  Paperboy Prince and the gallery had been making waves in the local neighbourhood well before that though. While the gallery serves as a community centre, vintage store and performance area as well as an exhibition site, it was also the distribution point for over two million dollars worth of food aid during the pandemic. Paperboy Love Prince may not, so far, have been elected as mayor of New York, but that could be an event that’s not too far in the future. Good luck in the 2022 elections, you’d get our vote for being there and making a difference.

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