Mountainous Scenes from the Buddha Lodge, Lukla

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Mountainous Scenes from the Buddha Lodge, Lukla

If there’s one thing the country of Nepal isn’t short of it’s mountains and you can see some of it’s finest, but not the biggest, Mount Everest, on this webcam streamed from the Buddha Lodge in Lukla.

Impressive views of the Himalayas isn’t all that Lukla is renowned for and after reading the following fact, you’ll probably be glad you’re viewing on screen and not flying in to Lukla. Lukla airport, the Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is located in the Khumbu Pasanglhamu and has earned itself the reputation of being the world’s most dangerous airport. 

The majority of people wanting to get a close up view of Mount Everest or climb up to the base camp, fly into Lukla. You might be blasé about landing at this rural airport until you realise the runway is only five hundred and twenty-five metres long. There’s a three thousand foot drop at the end of it too which makes taking off interesting, but not as nerve-wracking as landing. The runway is angled at 12º to help incoming planes slow down in time. If they don’t get it right, they run right into a wall at the end of the runway. And you thought mountain climbing was scary?

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