Milan’s M4 Metro Construction Webcams

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Milan’s M4 Metro Construction Webcams

The Romans are renowned for building ever-lasting straight roads, examples of which can still be seen all over Europe right up to the present day. Back then they may not have had all the technology and equipment construction companies have now, but guaranteed, they were a lot tidier and made a lot less mess than they’re making in Milan putting the M4 Metro in place.

The M4 Metro is a line that will, eventually, run for fifteen kilometres from the city out to Linate Airport. All of its twenty-one proposed stations will be below ground and the line will operate with automatic driverless trains. While that all sounds amazing, the project’s completion is almost ten years overdue which is probably not quite how the construction company would have liked to go down in history. Maybe they should have stuck to the ancient ways and built above ground as it seems they’re not quite so efficient at digging tunnels.

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