Mevasgissey Harbour

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Mevasgissey Harbour

There’s only one problem with coastal harbors as small as this one in the Cornish village of Mevagissey. When the tide is in, it’s as pretty a picture as you can imagine, but when the tide is out, all you’ll see is a muddy mess where the boats are more stranded than beached whales.

Mevagissey residents may once have made their living by fishing for pilchards but now the industry that keeps the locals well fed is that of tourism. Fish is still important to the folks of Mevagissey and if you’re there in June during the Mevagissey Feast Week you’ll find it’s one of the main items being served on the food stalls. There’s a surplus of fish and chip shops in the village too so no chance anyone is ever going to forget what fish has meant and still means to Mevagissey. 

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