Loon Nesting Cam in the Lakes of New Hampshire

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Loon Nesting Cam in the Lakes of New Hampshire

If there’s one thing to be said about New Hampshire then it has to be, they really know how to look after their loons.

These deluxe floating loon nest sites in the New Hampshire lakes are provided by the Loon Preservation Committee who work to help conserve loon habitats throughout the state.

Loons, as well as having a very attractive striped and chequered plumage, are very vocal birds that have a range of unusual calls. Listen carefully and you’ll hear them cooing, hooting, and yodelling. They can also make two more calls that you really wouldn’t want to hear if you were out by the lakeside alone at night. The wailing and the laughing are just a little bit too freaky to be fun when it’s dark.

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