Kashubian Bike Route Webcam at Stary Mlyn, Chojnice

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Kashubian Bike Route Webcam at Stary Mlyn, Chojnice

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of some cyclists pedalling through the forests and countryside of Kashubia on this live feed then you’re going to be disappointed. A close up look at the some picnic tables and several potholes in the parking lot is just about all you’re going to see.

That’s a shame as the Kashubian Bike Route is an extensive network of around two-hundred kilometres of cycle trails that wind through some of the most scenic parts of northern Poland. There are a total of four different routes cyclists can take which lead them through the trees of the Tuchola Forest, alongside meandering rivers and past picturesque glacial lakes. It’s definitely scenery worth getting in the saddle for. But as mentioned before, you won’t see any of that on this feed. What you might spot is a cyclist stopping off for a rest, then chowing down on their picnic lunch before setting off again. Which is, in all honesty, quite probably not the part of the Kashubian Bike Route you really wanted to see.

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