Indoor Skydiving Cam in Kuzmolovsky

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Indoor Skydiving Cam in Kuzmolovsky

There are things you need to know before jumping out of a plane – apart from how to pull the ripcord on your parachute in time.

Take a look at this live indoor skydiving webcam streamed by Fly Station from Kuzmolovsky in Russia and you’ll start to get a general idea. While the experienced skydivers make those free-fall hands out positions appear simple when they leap into the blue, they’re not as easy as they may seem.

Trying to manoeuvre against the blasts of air, even with the floor only a few feet below, takes a lot of skill and practice to get it right. Keep watching this live skydiving feed and you may pick up a few tips before giving it a go for yourself. If not, we wish you a safe and hopefully, soft landing.

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