Huissen Shopping Area Webcam

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Huissen Shopping Area Webcam

This shopping area in the town of Hussein in the Netherlands has been carefully planned and has a lovely plaza. You could even call it a mini town square. It has that look about it.

The plaza is not just useful for parking your bicycle or having a quick refreshment on the terrace of the café between purchases either. This tranquil spot away from the mayhem of the shops is also somewhere to  go for a few moments of quiet contemplation about how much money you’ve wasted on things you really didn’t need, but couldn’t resist. Or, on the other hand, for celebrating how much you saved because you were lucky enough to find some brilliant bargains. As it’s impossible to tell via the live feed what’s in the bags of the people who have been shopping, deciding whether they’re contemplating or celebrating is difficult. Pondering is fun, but it’s more entertaining to watch the cyclists weaving through the pedestrians at lightning speed. How they avoid disastrous collisions is anyone’s guess.

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