Chelmsford Town Webcams

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Chelmsford Town Webcams

Flick through this collection of Chelmsford webcams and if you were hoping to take a digital tour of the Essex town, you may well begin to feel slightly confused. No, Chelmsford hasn’t had a complete makeover, although it could do with one. This isn’t Chelmsford in Essex, this is Chelmsford in Massachusetts.

Historically, the folks who first settled this Chelmsford back in the 17th century were not an overly friendly lot. Sneeze the wrong way and, if you were a female, they’d accuse you of being a witch. In the early 18th century if you gave bed and board to a stranger for more than thirty days you’d be fined. Thankfully, things have changed since then and the folks of Chelmsford now welcome visitors with open arms. And they have a dog park which gets a big thumbs up. When you want to see some four-legged frolicking, that’s the live feed to watch.

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