Gas Monkey Garage Webcam in Dallas

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Gas Monkey Garage Webcam in Dallas

If you’ve tuned in to this webcam in the hope of catching a glimpse of Richard Rawlings, stay tuned and you might get lucky. You never know when he’ll roll into the parking lot in one of the classic motors from his collection, park up and stride, Texas cowboy-style into the Gas Monkey Garage.

Considering how much traffic this Gas Monkey Garage webcam gets, it’s surprising there’s not a few more eye-catching vehicles parked out back. It’s a shame, but all the good rides are inside well away from any speck of dust and dirt that might tarnish their high-shine wax jobs. If you’re car crazy, you can take a tour of the inside of Gas Monkey Garage on youtube. You’ll soon discover this is no ordinary garage. In fact, it’s quite possible there’s less grease in the Gas Monkey Garage than there is in the deep fryers at the Gas Monkey Bar’n’Grill. If you don’t spot Mr Rawlings, don’t worry. It’s probably half past beer o’clock, but he’ll be back soon.

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