East Greenwich Yacht Club Webcam

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East Greenwich Yacht Club Webcam

If you clicked into this cam hoping to catch a glimpse of the O2 arena or the Arab Emirates cable car whizzing across the Thames, you’re a few thousand miles out. This isn’t Greenwich in the British county of Kent, but a place that goes by the same name in the American state of Rhode Island.

East Greenwich sits on the shores of Greenwich Bay in Kent County, Rhode Island. Check out this East Greenwich Yacht Club webcam and after seeing the amount of craft moored there, it’s easy to deduce boating is popular with the locals. If the moorings are looking abandoned there’s a good reason for that. Everyone is out on the water making the most of the weather. It can get very chilly in Rhode Island during the winter so chilly it makes navigating small craft almost impossible unless you know the knack of making anchors aweigh even when it’s frozen to the bottom.

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