Den Helder Webcam Views from Hotel Lands End

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Den Helder Webcam Views from Hotel Lands End

If you’ve booked into this Land’s End Hotel thinking you’re heading off to the county of Cornwall for your hols, well, you’re not. This could be a good time to get a geography lesson or alternatively, so as not to spoil your holiday plans, start checking out flights or ferries. This hotel, while it may have the same name as that picturesque spot on the UK’s south coast, is actually in northern Holland near the port city of Den Helder.

This cam pans around so stay with it and you’ll see views of Den Helder and the surrounding area. Anyone who suffers with seasickness though might want to skip seeing the vistas of the Wadden Sea. The waves can get pretty choppy especially when the tide’s turning. Watch the local ferry or one of the ships from the nearby naval base sail by and you’ll probably be thankful you’re not on them. Life on the ocean wave, or in this case the sea, really isn’t for everyone. 

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