Multiple Views from Deathball Mountain

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Multiple Views from Deathball Mountain

Even though it’s been blessed with such a beguiling name, Deathball Mountain in Oregon still delivers some pretty scenic views. You’ll find those craggy scenic views are even better if you join the stream at sunrise. That’s about 7am – Oregon time – or thereabouts. No matter where in the world you are, it’s a sight worth getting out of bed for if you have to.

Deathball Mountain is one that’s on the list of many peakbaggers to conquer. The peak dominates the skyline above the Cougar Reservoir in the Willamette National Forest. While the reservoir may be a popular spot for all sorts of aquatic activities including boating and fishing, it didn’t get its name for nothing. If you’re planning on crossing Deathball Mountain off your list of climbed peaks, keep a keen eye out for the four-legged felines that gave this lake its name. You really don’t want to come face to face with one of those beasties, especially if it’s hungry, on the way up the mountainside.

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