Darwin Beach (Fannie Bay) Webcam

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Darwin Beach (Fannie Bay) Webcam

It doesn’t matter which Australian beach you view, other than Bondi Beach and maybe one or two others, they always look deserted. There’s a good reason for that.

While Australian beaches have a fantastic paradisiacal appearance, they can be quite dangerous places and definitely ones you’d think twice about taking a swim from. The warning signs about saltwater crocodiles aren’t posted for nothing. Hit the waves and you could easily find yourself swimming alongside one of these prehistoric beasties that can grow up to twenty feet in length.

Stinger season is a thing in Australia too. From October to May is when the poisonous box jellyfish float in. They’re one of the most dangerous creatures known to man. They’re hard to avoid too when you’re in the water as they’re almost invisible, but will let you know they’re present with an excruciating, and life-threatening sting from the cells on their ten foot long tentacles. 

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