Construction of IQ Gatchina Apartments in St. Petersburg

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Construction of IQ Gatchina Apartments in St. Petersburg

If you’re someone who spent hours building tower blocks out of Lego bricks as a kid, you’ll love this construction site webcam of the IQ Gatchina Apartments in St Petersburg, Russia. If you didn’t do that as a kid, then you’ll probably prefer to watch something else.

The award winning design plan for these apartments means that when they’re completed they’ll be as colorful as Lego bricks and look as though a five year old built them.¬† Apparently it’s called random appearance architecture and not design-by-child.¬†Because they’re not made of Lego bricks, the sad thing is, these wibbly-wobbly high rises will be a permanent fixture. It’s a shame no-one will be able to knock them down and start again, well, for the next few decades at least.

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